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1981). The use of more complex media such as that formulated by Ames and Nesbett (1981) will ensure the survival of retinas in vitro for many hours. Thus, adult rabbit retinas can be maintained in a near-physiological state for at least 8 h and even after 2 days exhibit a high level of metabolic activity and responsiveness to light. B; Pepperberg and Masland, 1978). A Ringer solution for the maintenance of frog retinas in a perfusion chamber for several hours has been outlined by Sickel (1972).

0 ILl for the rat (Lake and Patel, 1980). The retinal lesion produced by intravitreal kainate has been characterized in most detail in the chicken (Schwarcz and Coyle, 1977; Morgan and Ingham, 1981; Ingham and Morgan, 1983), where it has been found that there is a heirarchy of sensitivity of the cells. Low doses (6-10 nmol) appear to affect specific populations of amacrine cells, whereas approximately two-thirds of the bipolar cells and most amacrine cells are destroyed by 20-60 nmol. After 120 nmol, horizontal cells are also irreversibly affected.

Edwards (1982) recommends up to 7 X 105 cells/cm 2 of culture surface. Cultures should be maintained at 37°C in a moist atmosphere of 95% air/5% CO 2 , and the medium changed every 2-4 days. G. B,D). Understanding its roles and functioning, therefore, is an important aspect of neurochemical studies on the retina: Zinn and Marmor (1979) provide a comprehensive survey of its properties. B), many studies are done on the RPE-choroid complex, which is easily isolated from the sclera and can, for example, be mounted as a membrane in a double-sided perfusion chamber (Fig.

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