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By David Gerrold

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As tenacious extraterrestrial beings remodel the wartorn Earth right into a copy in their personal terrifying international, a handful of scientists, squaddies, and electorate prepares to struggle again.

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As of this writing the author was able to find only one congressional staffer who is a member of the Human Factors Society and has an advanced degree in psychology. Consequently, when presented with behavioral concepts and data, congressmen and staffers react as do most laymen. It was pointed out in the historical s u r v e y of Chapter 1 that Congress has always been suspicious of behavioral science, especially since the Camelot affair. Suspicions have crystallized around several themes - that the behavioral sciences (1) are useless and hence wasteful because they do not - cannot - alleviate social problems; (2) supply ammunition for social and political ideologies (usually left-leaning) that are repugnant to conservatives; (3) represent the meddling of government in areas that should remain private; (4) are designed to assist the u n w o r t h y , such as those who are criminal, mentally ill, or indigent; and (5) represent an attempt to s u b v e r t the established o r d e r .

The role of laboratory management in planning programs will be discussed more fully in Chapter 3. RESEARCH CONTRACTORS Research contractors are perhaps unique specimens in Western science: the researchers for h i r e . It has, of course, always been necessary to support scientists while they did their work; in the Middle Ages support was provided b y the church, k i n g s , nobles, and greater p a t r o n s . However, despite the control theoretically exercised b y the patron, it was the researchers who decided what they were going to study and P A R T I C I P A N T S IN B E H A V I O R A L R&D 39 how, largely because there were so few researchers and so few who could evaluate their w o r k .

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