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El propósito de esta antología es dar una proposal cabal del desarrollo de los angeles estética marxista, en sus corrientes diversas, a través de los textos más representativos y necesarios para comprender las varias posiciones teóricas y críticas, así como discusiones, dogmas y aperturas que se confrontaron desde los años 20s hasta los días en que apareció esta compilación de textos.

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The importance of the posi- 48 ATIIEISf PROPAGANDA tive aspect of atheist education can also be deduced from the fact that in the USSR there are now groups of people who have grown up in an atheist environment and are not religious, but at the same time have not become convinced, conscious atheists. It is important to convince people like this not only that relig­ ious ideology consists of illusions but also that the atheist world out­ look can provide scientifically sub­ stantiated answers to important modem questions relating to what man's world outlook and moral principles should be.

D. In 301 it was de­ clared the official state religion. In the year 303 the cathedral at Ech­ miadzin (near Yerevan) was built and later became the most import­ ant cathedral of the Armenian Apostolic Church. It is sometimes known as the Armenian Grigorian Church in honour of · the first Cath­ olicos Grigor Partev. In the year 506 the Armenian Apostolic Church broke with Byzantium and became autocephalous. As regards its teach­ ing, it belongs to the monophysitic branch of Christianity (see Mono­ physitism ) .

He was repre­ sented in the form of a winged solar disc, from which protrudes the torso of a warrior shooting with a bow and arrow. ASSYRIAN AND BABYLONIAN RELIGION. See Babylonian religion. ASTARTE, a goddess of fertility, love and motherhood worshipped by the Phoenicians. She was usually represented in the form of a naked woman with ram's horns. ASTRAL CULTS (from the Greek "astron'� meaning "star"), the relig­ ious worship of heavenly luminaries and phenomena and religious or magic rituals connected with such worship, that have been found on va­ rying scales in the history of all peo­ ples.

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