A Daughter's Love: Thomas More and His Dearest Meg by John Guy PDF

By John Guy

ISBN-10: 0618499156

ISBN-13: 9780618499151

With the novelistic vividness that made his nationwide ebook Critics Circle Award finalist Queen of Scots “a natural excitement to read” (Washington submit BookWorld), John man brings to existence Thomas extra and his daughter Margaret— his confidante and collaborator who performed a severe function in safeguarding his legacy.
Sir Thomas More’s lifestyles is celebrated: his competition to Henry VIII’s marriage to Anne Boleyn, his arrest for treason, his execution and martyrdom. but Margaret has been principally airbrushed out of the tale within which she performed so very important a task. John man restores her to her rightful position during this fascinating account in their relationship.

Always her father’s favourite baby, Margaret was once such an entire pupil by means of age eighteen that her paintings earned compliment from Erasmus. She remained dedicated to her father after her marriage—and paid the associated fee in estrangement from her husband.When extra used to be thrown into the Tower of London,Margaret collaborated with him on his most famed letters from criminal, smuggled them out at nice own chance, even rescued his head after his execution. John man returns to unique resources which have been missed by means of generations of historians to create a dramatic new portrait of either Thomas extra and the daughter whose devotion secured his position in heritage.

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